• Metaverse Property Sales and Developments

    Metaverse Property Sales and Developments


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    VR Game Development

    VR game development

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    IT security Data Visualization

Metaverse Properties Sales and Development

Metaverse Real Estate is growing and developing at an unprecedented pace and buyers are excited and ready to get into this new market.

We stand apart from all other players in this field as we talk to our customers in plain language without any technical terms. We explain what we do and make your experience just as simple as buying real world properties.

We are selling Metaverse Real Estate in our newest development Opolis and we are devloping amazing structures and experiences on the newly purchased properties. In the same time we can develop properties already purchased o other platforms.

You can use your properties to spend time virtually in them, share them virtually with your friends, have parties, concerts or play games.

You can make real world money with your properties by developing store fronts, virtual business receptions, meeting rooms, presentation centres or charge fees to other people that want to share and experience your property.

Virtual Reality Game Design

Our team of programmers, 3D artists, animators is in the final stages of developing our newest VR Game called Scotty.

This game is showing the world through the eyes of a dog and is not only funny and entertaining but also using revolutionary techniques that make the imersion in VR seamless and eliminating completely unwanted motion sickness.

The game is scheduled to be launched on the Oculus gaming platform before the end of 2022.

See more details about or game via the link below:



Cybersecurity Data Visualization

Cybersecurity is one of the top concerns in our world. managing the security risk on our ever expanding networks is becoming more challenging every day. Using traditional tools such as firewalls and anti malware software is no longer enough.

Visualhawk Solutions Inc. is looking at expanding the arsenal available to Chief Information Security Officers of large enterprises by offering a data visualization tool that allows people to interpret a enourmous amount of data in an intuitive fashion and allows them to understand very complex situations, identify trends and risks ahead of time and make real time decisions that cannot be made based on traditional methods.


Ever wondered how the world looks through your dogs eyes? Ever imagined how fun it would be to be in their paws? Have an amazing time navigating your pet's world. Start as a little dog with no real world skills but lots of energy and start learning the skills that make a great pet. Develop your skills in finding and digging out bones, learn from the master of that art. Outwit the butterflies and squirrels that roam around your camp. Build your surroundings and have fun adventures or solve clever puzzles. Find your inner child if you aren't one! Your camp and surroundings look huge from your perspective but nothing is out of reach for the skilled and smart! In Scotty ® you become one with your furry friend, overcome obstacles, learn new skills and get to reach your final objective: be the top dog in your neighbourhood.




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